Conway Press Dual-Speed Hydraulic Presses

  1. Select hole type - Round or Other.

  2. Select Hole Size for Round or enter the Perimeter (in inches) of the hole if Other is selected.

  3. Select Material Type.

  4. Select Material Thickness or insert your material thickness if it is not listed.

  5. Click Calculate.
Hole Punch Tonnage

or Perimeter(in):
Material Type: 
 Mat Thick(in):    

Click here to calculate hole punch tonnage
i.e. For a 1/2" X 3/4" rectangular hole in 1/8" mild steel:

Hole Perimeter = 2.5"
Material Type = Steel-Mild
Material Thickness (in) = 0.125

Tonnage = 7.813 tons

This information is valuable when determining which of the Conway Press C-Series hydraulic presses will best suit your needs. Additional information regarding the differences about the C-Series models is available on the C-Series product page. Please let us know if we can help you use this calculator or in selecting a Conway Hydraulic Press.